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For gatherings from 12 to 350, consider Hell's Kitchen for your next group event including our brand-spankin' new Minnesota Room. Award-winning food, surprisingly affordable prices, and you're never ever stuck in a boring "banquet" room.

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Peanut Butter, Housemade Mustard, coffee that restores virginity and other foodstuffs from Hell. The fashion world has nothing on us...our T-shirts, hoodies, and even cook's aprons have now been spotted everywhere from Austin to Anchorage. Or step right up, folks...right here's where you'll find "Damn Good Food," our cookbook with every single Hell's Kitchen recipe.

Have an extra 20 minutes?

Grab a coveted counter stool upstairs and watch the bakers decorate cupcakes, knead dough, and put the finishing touches on fabulous birthday cakes, exquisite wedding cakes, and featherweight artisan donuts.

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...or how about this weekend's brunch special: GF Buttermilk Waffle #asgoodasitlooks #glutenfree
More than a few misconceptions out there, but just because it's Gluten-free doesn't mean it can't be delicious. We have a lot of great GF options on our menu including this beaut: Veggie Scromlette (sub toast for a GF muffin)
UFF-DAH! Ubetcha-ass we LOVE our state. Today is Minnesota’s 157th birthday and we think it calls for a celebration! Take 11% off all of our MN icon food items.
The Breakfast Chimichanga brunch special our chefs came up with for this weekend is so massive it doesn't even fit entirely into the photo box. #nomnomnom
¡Atención Hellians! We’ll be celebrating all weekend long and through Cinco de Mayo by featuring one of our most popular items of all time throughout the history of the ENTIRE world… WELLLLLL…maybe just at Hell’s Kitchen, but we’d like to think our version of Huevos Rancheros is muy excellente tambien. Come see why Roadfood.com from Gourmet Magazine named ours “Rancheros of the Gods.”
Smoked Salmon Omelette #brunchspecials #thisweekend
Breakfast Tostada, anyone? #brunchspecials #thisweekend #asgoodasitlooks #nomnomnom
This weekend's special: Vegetable Benedict #veggielovers #brunchspecial #sosogood
Rabbit Confit Benedict #brunchspecials #thisweekend #easterbunny #mpls
Join us for the Irish love affair (the way we Americans like to do so) all weekend long and through St. Patrick’s Day this coming Tuesday!
Hot Cocoa Pancakes #brunchspecial #thisweekend #pancake #nomnomnom
Walleye Burger #thisweekend #comegetit #mplsfood #walleye
Here's our BrrrBrrBrrrunch Special for the weekend. Warm yourselves up with a Smoked Salmon Scramelette! Two soft scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, asparagus roasted grape tomatoes, and brie cheese. Topped with bearnaise sauce and served with hashbrowns and toast. #brunch #mplsfood #damngoodfood
Attention veggie lovers! Our Vegetarian Pesto Scromelette is a must for your brunch plans this weekend. #brunch #thisweekend #youmeletsgo
March 7 & 8 we become the official Polar Plunge Party Zone! Check out www.hellskitcheninc.com for more and you really should consider taking the plunge with us! www.plungemn.org
Remember us this weekend and the deliciousness we call BBQ Ribs and Waffle. #brunchspecials #thisweekend #valentinesweekend #weloveyou
Pico de Gallo Scramble with Chipotle Goat Cheese! #brunchspecial #thisweekend #comegetit #haaavemercccy #nomnomnom
Who's got their Peanut Butter yet? There's still time! There's still time! (Follow the link on our profile page)
Greek Scromelette #brunchspecials #thisweekend
Get your Elvis on with some Banana Peanut Butter! Now 25% off along with ALL of our PB in our web store through Sunday. #peanutbutter #elvis #damngood

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