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Peanut Butter, Housemade Mustard, coffee that restores virginity and other foodstuffs from Hell. The fashion world has nothing on us...our T-shirts, hoodies, and even cook's aprons have now been spotted everywhere from Austin to Anchorage. Or step right up, folks...right here's where you'll find "Damn Good Food," our cookbook with every single Hell's Kitchen recipe.

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For gatherings from 12 to 350, consider Hell's Kitchen for your next group event,. Award-winning food, surprisingly affordable prices, and you're never ever stuck in a boring "banquet" room.

Have an extra 20 minutes?

Grab a coveted counter seat at our Angel Food Bakery and sip a cup of coffee, tea, or chai while watching our bakers and pastry chef in action right before your eyes. Families LOVE being close enough to chat with our artisans while they decorate cupcakes, knead bread, ice wedding cakes, create donuts and pull hot pretzels right out of the oven. First floor, just above Hell's Kitchen.