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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

YESTERDAY…no cheeky news for you here:

2016 was a year when our operating costs increased almost across the board, making the razor-thin margins we’ve always mentioned come into laser focus. It’s a fascinating time to be in this industry, so while we welcome all the newly opened spots, we also mourn the loss of several beloved local restaurants.

But even with all the challenges, the 177 employees of Hell’s Kitchen banded together and somehow made things work. In fact, our business grew by 11.8% (vs the industry average of 2%) which gave us the chance to continue our efforts to be a solid workplace. How so? Read on…

TODAY…Today, we’re doubling down:

Tripling down, actually. Rather than retreat during uncertain times, we’ll continue to invest in our people, their futures, and our home here at HK. These investments, which started with our MN Room and massive kitchen remodel, continue with a mission to further reward one of the most amazing group of professionals we’ve ever had the privilege to work with. Hell’s Kitchen is extraordinarily grateful to be in a position to pay not just industry-leading wages, but to also add health insurance, so starting today, January 1, we’ll be paying 75% of their tab as well as providing LIfetime Fitness memberships at a deep discount.

TOMORROW…“The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Sunglasses” ¬†Timbuk3

2017 is full of surprises, but we have to be mum on details for a bit longer, so make sure to “like” us on Facebook¬†(Hell’s Kitchen-Minneapolis) for further news.

A few hints: Our dream team of leaders has brainstormed a powerfully fun lunch option we’ll be adding this spring…They’re also working on a rewarding idea we’ll launch in early April… Something furiously fun is planned for the upcoming Xgames, and come fall, we’ll have a “Minnesota you betcha” surprise for folks who live throughout our state. Trust us: tomorrow’s going to be sunny and bright in Hell, and we can’t wait for you to watch it unfold.

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Cynthia Gerdes, CEO, co-founded Hell's Kitchen along with Steve Meyer and her husband Mitch Omer. The behind-the-scenes whirlwind pulls levers, whistles while she works, and dials up the magic in Hell as much as possible, much like the Wizard of Oz. A writer by trade, she's also fearless in pulling back the curtain and showing everyone what it's REALLY like to run a busy restaurant.