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RIP Mitch Omer 1954-2015

We obviously don’t know most of you personally, but for some reason, over the past 13 years, Mitch and I developed a relationship with many of you just through our cheeky Facebook posts, our hair-raising stories in Mitch’s cookbook, our honest behind-the-scenes tales, or just stopping by your table to say howdy and hello.

So it pains me beyond comprehension to tell you all that Mitch passed away Friday after a year-long illness that still has the doctors confounded. Our extended Hell’s Kitchen family is in pain, but his death during the Christmas holidays is actually quite poetic: anyone who knew Mitch clearly understood that in his heart of hearts, he really felt he was THE Santa Claus, and his highlight each year was donning his outrageously blinged-out Santa zoot suit and visiting tables with bug-eyed kids.

The man who was larger than life will always be big in our hearts; I may have just lost my beloved husband, but he really belonged to all of us, so if he somehow touched yours, come celebrate his life with us at Hell’s Kitchen this Wednesday, Dec 23 at 1pm.

~Cynthia Gerdes

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Cynthia Gerdes, CEO, co-founded Hell's Kitchen along with Steve Meyer and her husband Mitch Omer. The behind-the-scenes whirlwind pulls levers, whistles while she works, and dials up the magic in Hell as much as possible, much like the Wizard of Oz. A writer by trade, she's also fearless in pulling back the curtain and showing everyone what it's REALLY like to run a busy restaurant.