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A valentine’s story of redemption and forgiveness

Note from Cyn:

As you read our cheeky Valentine’s Day message, I want to tell you how seriously we took last year’s fateful night, how much we learned from it, and how incredibly proud we were when our amazing staff handled things so calmly and professionally.
Most importantly, we were blown away at how forgiving those of you who dined (or tried to dine) with us were when we acknowledged our mistakes.
THANK YOU for a chance to redeem ourselves. You are all such graceful guests; we would be honored with another chance to serve you again.

Cynthia Gerdes (co-founder)

PS Not sure what the hell we’re talking about? OK…here’s the link

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Cynthia Gerdes, CEO, co-founded Hell's Kitchen along with Steve Meyer and her husband Mitch Omer. The behind-the-scenes whirlwind pulls levers, whistles while she works, and dials up the magic in Hell as much as possible, much like the Wizard of Oz. A writer by trade, she's also fearless in pulling back the curtain and showing everyone what it's REALLY like to run a busy restaurant.