HK Gift Card (for use on our online shop ONLY)


HK Gift Card (for use on our online shop ONLY)

from 10.00


Due to SquareSpace (our website platform) limitations, you will get your free gift card in a separate email within 24 hours AFTER you complete your gift card purchase.

Your purchased gift cards WILL be instantly sent to you or the recipient of your choice, but you will NOT get the free gift card or even see it mentioned during the checkout process. Rest assured that once we receive the order on our end, we will send you an email with a unique coupon code to redeem your free gift card.

E-Gift Cards FAQ:

Can I use this e-gift card in your restaurant?”No; due to different software platforms, this gift card can ONLY be used for our online shop, NOT in our restaurant. For gift cards (both physical and electronic) that can be used in our restaurant, click HERE.  

How does this e-gift card work? Purchasing this digital gift card creates a unique code. The gift card recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total.

Does this e-gift card expire? Nope! Like all our gift cards, you can save this for as long as you want!

Can I buy multiple gift cards in one order, or combine them with other purchases?” Again, unfortunately not. You’ll be taken directly to checkout immediately after clicking purchase.