Hand-parched, Native-harvested Wild Rice

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Hand-parched, Native-harvested Wild Rice


If you’re not familiar with wild rice, the quality truly makes a difference. Rather than little “rabbit food” pellets most grocery stores and roadside stands sell, this is truly hand-parched, Native harvested wild rice, which makes a HUGE difference in texture as well as taste. Full one pound bag.

Note: Want the whole shebang to make our legendary Mahnomen Porridge? We also sell a Porridge Kit which includes 8 oz wild rice, Mitch’s original recipe, nuts, dried fruit, and everything you’ll need except for the cream.

Adapted from 1800’s trapper journals, Mahnomen (mah-NO-men) porridge is one of our top-selling, most talked-about menu items. But in our early days, nobody wanted to even try it, so we had to literally give it away in order to get folks to give it a go.

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Weight 1.25 lbs