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Now open Monday thru Friday 11am to 2pm
The Hell’s Kitchen Grab ‘n Go POWER SALAD BAR is a creative, nutrient-packed 35-ft salad bar where folks on the run can design exactly the salad they want.

On one side of our black icicle hallway (the same one that features our epic Bloody Mary Bar on weekends), you can “choose your own adventure” from our immense 35-ft long selection of super healthy greens, ancient grains, and energy-filled ingredients. On the other side, you’ll discover a beautiful variety of just-made power salads that are hearty, fulfilling and bursting with nutritional firepower.

So whether you live downtown, work downtown, or are visiting Minneapolis, you now have a wildly creative option for busy days when you’re on the run.

Just swing on into Hell’s Kitchen weekdays between 11am and 2pm or preorder for even faster PICKUP  (group orders welcome!)

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