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This weekend’s Leap Year Specials

Frog Leg appetizers, plus FREE Frog Legs on our Bloody Mary Bar this weekend

Never had frog legs? Rich in protein, heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and potassium, this tasty French favorite is often said to taste like chicken because of the mild flavor, with a texture most similar to chicken wings. Our Crispy Frog Legs have a golden brown coconut panko coating and include housemade curried bernaise dipping sauce finished with fresh tarragon.
Available Friday 3-11pm, Sat/Sun 7:30am-11pm, and Monday 3-11pm while supplies last. (Also on our Bloody Mary Bar Sat/Sun 9am to 1pm)


Long touted as one of the healthiest (and earth-friendly) red meats on the planet, our Kangaroo Steaks were so wildly popular that we had to pull them off our regular menu because the demand exceeded availability. But for our Leap Year Weekend, we’ve stocked up and we’re STOKED to finally have them for all of you who keep asking.
This dinner special is available Friday through Monday 3-11pm while supplies last.

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