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OK, right off the bat, it'd be kinda fun to tell your friends and family that you work in Hell. But if you've already got some industry chops, you know damn well that no matter how catchy that may sound, restaurant work is NOT all fun and games, It's hard as hell working at ANY eatery, let alone one that seats more guests than just about any other restaurant from New York to L.A. (We're not boasting - Hell's Kitchen is literally one of the most-booked restaurants in the entire country according to Open Table and USA Today).

Fuggedaboutthat; we're just trying to scare ya! What they don't mention is that we take care of employees, we listen to them, we learn from them (literally making changes based on their experiences), we value them (paying above averages wages, offering health insurance, and a sane, balanced work/home life). But honestly? BLAH BLAH BLAH. EVERYONE says this. So how do you know that we're the real deal? How about our turnover rate as evidence of proof: This industry averages a 74% turnover rate, while Hell's Kitchen averages less than 17%; those numbers speak for themselves. If you're good, apply here even if we DON'T have a job listed, because you never know when one might open up.   

PS: The BS'ers and wanna-be's fairly quickly weed themselves out because once we finally "grew up," we learned that the best businesses might have fun, but also hold people accountable. Intrigued? Read on.


Front of house

Professional Hosts, Bartenders, Food Runners, Wait Assistants, and Servers are the FACE of our locally-owned indie restaurant, and you bet your sweet ass these exemplary individuals understand the true meaning of hospitality, delivering genuinely superb customer service day after day after day, no matter what.

In return, we value our FOH team as professionals, and hopefully you'll agree that our pay rates reflect our respect for the work these pros do.


back of house

Our BOH kitchen crew is driven by a fierce desire to make our award-winning recipes consistently spot-on while juggling a zillion details in a hotter than hell, madder than hell environment. Just kidding on the "madder than hell" part! (umm, sort of...) Over the years, we've learned that a calm, highly organized kitchen with kind, fair, and smart leaders makes for a good work environment no matter how overwhelmingly busy we get (and yes, Hell does get intense at times). 



We rarely post management positions because we usually promote from within...our GM, for example, started as a host and now takes care of 156 employees.

But every so often, our growth gives us a chance to bring in folks who learned the ropes elsewhere, would love to be a part of a level-headed upper management team, and have their eyes on Hell's Kitchen because they've heard how we're constantly striving for excellence while providing a balance in our personal lives.  


Does any of these strike a chord with you? Click below to apply, and when a position crops up, we'll connect if your experience matches our expectations!


PLEASE NOTE: Unless we have posted a job opening, we will be UNABLE to get back to you because of the volume of unsolicited applications we receive. We will, however, respond to everyone who has taken time to apply to a specifically advertised job opening.

TENGA EN CUENTA: Hasta que hayamos publicado una descripcion de trabajo. Sin embargo, responderemos a todos los que se han hecho el esfuerzo de solicitar un trabajo especificamente anunciada.