Bloody Mary Burger

7 oz.  grass-fed burger party mixed with our famous bloody mary sauce, seasoned on both sides with house-made rib rub, grilled to temperature, topped with pepper jack cheese and placed inside a toasted butter bun with 4 pickled slices. WAIT! There’s more, we then top it again with more bloody mary sauce and serve it with a skewer of 1 pepperoncini, 1 grape tomato, and 1 kalamata olive. Served with your choice of fruit or coleslaw.


Walleye Benedict

Sitting on an english muffin, piled high with 4 oz. of fresh walleye, grilled jumbo asparagus, one poached egg, topped with house-made béarnaise sauce, and garnished with chives. Served with hash browns and a small side of mix greens.

Hungry? Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am–3pm with free live music from 10am–1pm.