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21 09, 2011

Gotta Get Steve

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Within moments of deciding to open our own place in 2002, Mitch looked me squarely in the eye with only one demand: “Gotta get Steve.” This would be Steve Meyer, an industry peer Omer has worked alongside longer than he’s lived with his 3 wives. Talk about an odd couple: Mitch, an imposing polar bear, towers over Steve, a dead ringer for Nintendo’s Dr. Mario. See the picture here? Check it out for yourself. Whenever [...]

14 09, 2011

Food of the Gods

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I’m from Iowa; corn isn’t just a vegetable, it’s a religion. Actually, corn isn’t a vegetable at all, it’s a grain. But don’t tell that to the New York State Legislature, who passed a bill calling sweet corn the official State Vegetable. This is just stupid, squared. Yes, you can call it a vegetable, but the New York State Legislature? This like calling Rachel Ray a chef. You might watch her prepare food on television, [...]

7 09, 2011

How we almost went out of business just after we opened.

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Hey all you dreamers out there, if you’re hankering to open your own place, heed this advice: eyes W-I-D-E open, pockets V-E-R-Y deep. On May 6, 2002, we opened Hell’s Kitchen after several months of banging around on our old knees, scraping paint and crap off the previous tenant’s floors and equipment. Apparently, the corporation who owned DuJours, the breakfast joint which preceded us, closed it down suddenly after 11 years. They never even had [...]

31 08, 2011


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Cyn here. Whenever we have a day where things just fall apart, I snap an imaginary rubber bracelet that says W.W.T.M.D? For example, in one 24/hour period: Two people from our “A Team” were out sick, a vendor ran very late with fresh food needed for lunch service, our bison rancher anxiously explained he was running low on his free range herd and might have to stop delivery for “a month or so,” a sudden [...]

23 08, 2011

A Bruised and Broken Career

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You may want to call 911 before entering this profession. Simply sticking your hand into a meat slicer lacks finesse, no matter how many times you do it. Before Jacques Pepin taught me how to use a knife, I routinely shaved off the tips of my left thumb and index finger, usually from trying to trim too much asparagus at one time. Damn stuff keeps growing back. Had I not met him, I’m sure I [...]

16 08, 2011

They warned me not to “go there”

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Everyone around me said “No, Cyn! Don’t even think of dissing a competitor.” Well maybe I am and maybe I’m not. First, I don’t see the places I’ve subtly referred to below as competitors, second I’m unnaturally compelled to talk about an issue that just keeps gnawing on my addled brain, and third, it certainly won’t be the first time I’ve bucked good advice from sage colleagues. Besides, my issue isn’t with other establishments nearly [...]

10 08, 2011

There, but for the Grace of Jacques, Go I

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My father went to Iowa State University on a football scholarship. I went to Iowa State University on a full ride football scholarship. Difference between us was that he loved the game, and I learned to hate it. I begrudgingly played varsity for two years, but loved the academics, studying the sciences as a biology major, and taking an art minor. So when I walked off the field in the middle of practice one day, [...]

5 08, 2011

Behind every successful man…

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Remember during “Women’s Lib” in the 70’s, how everyone ran around saying, “Behind every successful man is a woman”? Well my take is “Behind every successful man is a woman rolling her eyes.” Kidding. Kind of. Cyn here (Mitch’s wife and “handler”) When we were urged to start a blog, my first question was “what in the hell would we write about?” There are plenty of great food blogs out there, so why would anyone [...]

31 07, 2011

Welcome to the Dark Side

By | 2016-10-14T16:36:35+00:00 July 31st, 2011|Bite Me Blog|0 Comments

Apparently, there is some kind of new electronic media out there, blogging, tweeting, twatting, whatever-the-hell, and I’ve been asked to pretend I know something about all of this. But I’ll write about the restaurant, and you guys can see for yourselves if it’s worth wasting your time to read. For our initial launch, I’ll tell you ten things you (probably) didn’t know about me. 1. I have been peed on by a lion. 2. I [...]