Award winning sandwiches deserve the awards. Awesome food. The peanut butter is spoon eating worthy too!
— Steven T.
Every Sunday should begin with a 35 foot Bloody Mary Bar
— Instagram @megsnbaking
If you are ever in MInneapolis, you seriously have to stop in to Hell’s Kitchen and try their Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes! So so good and a great environment with live bands & amazing staff!
— Instagram @jd_photography_mn
Too many great things to say about this place, from the local vibes, good drinks and awesome food. One of my favorite places in the whole twin cities and its not even close. Make your reservations early because they fill up fast... Then stop up at Angel Food on your way out for the best bakery items!
— Ben Stori TripAdvisor
Good food and good service. I like basic food with high quality ingredients and Hells Kitchen does that beautifully. Had both breakfast and lunch here while I was in town and both were excellent. Definitely a go to place for out of towners staying near the convention center.
— Steve D.
FUNKY, FUN, GREAT FOOD Visited on a Saturday,early afternoon. Had a GREAT BRUNCH. Atmosphere laid back and I’m anxious to go on an evening for the music. Eggs Bennie were excellent and I can’t describe how good the lemon pancakes are. A great stop in downtown Minneapolis!
— Maggie B, Vancouver
Impossible to put down. It’s so exciting that Hell’s Kitchen is now serving the Impossible Burger
— Instagram @Kalebabie
This is a very fancy place. There isn’t any gum under the tables!
— Willow O. - Age 9
If there is one main reason to take a trip back to Minneapolis, it would be to visit this place again. What can you say about a place that takes the time to make EVERYthing it serves... I mean including ketchup and peanut butter... (which is to die for..)
— Robert P, Cincinnati