“THE LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES WERE AMAZING. SELL-YOUR-SOUL-TO-THE-DEVIL AMAZING.” I will unearth the secret behind their creation, oh yes. And then….AND THEN…THE WORLD WILL BE MINE! (Cue florid organ music and thunder and lightning in the background.) Or at least a really amazing breakfast dish I can use to win friends and influence people…

Visited on a Saturday, early afternoon. Had a GREAT BRUNCH. Atmosphere laid back and I’m anxious to go on an evening for the music. Eggs Bennie were excellent and I can’t describe how good the lemon pancakes are. A great stop in downtown Minneapolis!
~Maggie B, Vancouver

If there is one main reason to take a trip back to Minneapolis, it would be to visit this place again. What can you say about a place that takes the time to make EVERYthing it serves…I mean including ketchup and peanut butter…(which is to die for..)
~Robert P, Cincinnati

Eclectic, funky and delicious we had the baked Ziti and the Lobster Tacos. Since I am terminally “un-hip” we sat in the back away from the music in the front room. The servers were very friendly and helpful. Try the special cupcakes (cup cakes du jour) for dessert. The chef, according, to the menu, is a mad-man when it comes to cuisine, and the food combinations are deliciously mad. Go, you won’t be disappointed, walk on the wild side!
~Joe J. Redding, Connecticut

It was a fun dinner experience. Casual environment and enjoyed the music in the background. It was not so loud that you couldn’t enjoy conversation at your table–it was perfect. There is something for everyone on this menu!!! I started with the We shared the Purgatory Punch–great, refreshing drink to start the evening! We shared the Porridge because it was highly recommended and we all just wanted a bite–YUM! So different than you’d think. Definitely worth getting it to share just to try it. I had the Caesar salad and the Calamari appetizer–both plenty for dinner….couldn’t finish it. I didn’t feel like a full entree. Everyone in our group got something different and enjoyed their meals.
~Stacy M. Hollywood, MD

Hell’s Kitchen is a great place to visit! Do try their breakfast I think it’s the best in town! During dinner if you end up being sited at the so called “not so good seats in the house” you get to have a free cinnamon roll! It’s indicated on the wall next to the “not so good seats in the house”.
Don’t miss this gem!
~Walsh K., Singapore

Loved the sausage bread. I know it sounds weird but it was really tasty. The Bison in the eggs benedict was a bit gamey. I loved the jams and peanut butter. Excellent choice for breakfast.
~(Melate R. Milwaukee)

Cool place to eat or just hang out for drinks and appetizers. Tried the Huevos Rancheros for breakfast – it was excellent! Also had Bison sausage (very, very good) and some of their homemade peanut butter and marmalade on toast, also excellent. Oh, the coffee was extremely good as well – strong and flavorful. Overall a cool place with unique menu options and excellent food.
~Al S., Minneapolis