Peanut Butter, Housemade Mustard, coffee that restores virginity and other foodstuffs from Hell. True story: way back in 2003, unbeknownst to us, National Public Radio's Splendid Table with Lynn Rosetto Kasper raved about our peanut butter. Within an hour, so many emails poured in that it crashed our system. Way back then, we didn't even have a website, so all hell broke loose and we scrambled to build our site in one week. THEN we shipped out hundreds of jars of peanut butter, only to discover what idiots we were for sending it out in GLASS jars. ARghhhhhh...lesson learned.

  • REGULAR Coffee


    It’s coffee time! This ain’t no regular coffee, this is damn good coffee. 12 oz. / $10.50

  • DECAF Coffee


    "All of the passion, none of the fury" Organic, fair trade, locally roasted. Use the drop down menu to chose your size and if you would like whole bean or ground. We weigh our coffee out to be a true pound, not the 12 ounces those other guys trick you into thinking is a "bargain...

  • Hand-parched, Native-harvested Wild Rice


    If you're not familiar with wild rice, the quality truly makes a difference. Rather than little "rabbit food" pellets most grocery stores and roadside stands sell, this is truly hand-parched, Native harvested wild rice, which makes a HUGE difference in texture as well as taste. Full o...

  • Hot Cocoa Mix


    The best damn cocoa mix in the land! 8 oz. / $7.00 16 oz. / $10.00

  • Rib Rub


    Home made in our kitchen. Great for, you guessed it, Ribs! However, you can use it for a lot more! 8 oz. / $7.00 16 oz. / $10.00

  • Housemade Sausage Bread


    We are literally dumbstruck at how popular this odd-sounding creation has become strictly via word-of-mouth. At the restaurant, we don't even put out the hefty 3-lb. loaves for sale in our little retail nook, and we STILL sell the hell out of this. This deliciously dense bread is made...

  • Peanut Butter


    This is the stuff Jane & Michael Stern (Gourmet/ swooned over on NPR and put us on the map. This product has a shelf life refrigerated/unopened of three (3) months. 8 oz. / $8.00 16 oz. / $12.00

  • Maple Bacon Chutney


    Once in a blue moon, if lucky, a chef creates not just a good new recipe, but one that magically turns into a long-running signature item for the restaurant. Mitch's Maple Bacon Chutney is so crazy good, we get caught with it drooling off our chins. Try it on toast, a sandwich, a burg...

  • Mustard


    Hell's Kitchen MUSTARD Starting with stone-ground mustard seeds, our recipe takes 3 months to cure. Yeowww this is good stuff. This product has a shelf life refrigerated/unopened of one (1) year. 8 oz. / $9.00 16 oz. / $12.00