Step right up, folks...right here's where you'll find "Damn Good Food," our cookbook with every single Hell's Kitchen recipe. Cyn was incredulous that Mitch would give away ALL of his secret recipes, but he insisted that folks get their money's worth, and the book is now in its FOURTH printing. Enjoy the stories even if you can't boil an egg...

  • Coffee Mugs


    Hand thrown locally in Saint Paul by Deneen Pottery. These mugs are a favorite among both guests and staff.

  • Damn Good Food cookbook


    “Mitch Omer's life makes Anthony Bourdain’s look like he was an altar boy. Mitch's individualistic, personal, and idiosyncratic cooking is that of a man who is larger than life, big-hearted, generous, and wild. It's evident that he genuinely loves life and nature." —Jacques ...

  • Bathroom Sign


    Here they are. The signs that adorn the stalls in the ladies restroom. Perfect for the cabin. They read, "Please do not flush ANY sanitary products, tampons included. Our plumber now drives a BMW."